Taza Takeaway Menu

Spicy Wings €7.20

Crispy fried chicken wings sautéed in garlic, ginger,
chilli, tamarind and apple cider vinegar. Finished with
cucumber rita. [spicy]

Desi Fish €7.20

Fresh haddock fillets marinated in ginger, garlic and
house spices. Deep fried and served with cumin peas
and caper chutney! [medium-spicy]

Aloo Tikki €6.40

Griddled patties of potatoes, peas & spring onions
served with tamarind chutney! [mild]

Lamb Shish Kebab €8

Ground lamb mixed with onions, garlic, ginger, garam
masala. Cooked until sizzling and served with mint
yoghurt. [medium-spicy]

Murgh Malai €8

Chicken breast pieces marinated in yoghurt, cream,
cheese, lemon juice and spices. Cooked slowly and
finished with mint yoghurt and tamarind chutney.

Taza Mix Plate €17.60

Jhinga, Shish Kebab, Murgh Malai, Beef and Aloo
Tikki. Served with house salsa and chutneys.

Taza Tandoori Chicken €16

Half chicken on the bone. Marinated in yoghurt & our
house masala for at least 24 hours. Cooked until succulent in the tandoor and served with bhuna sauce.

Mirchi Jhinga €19.20

Chargrilled Jumbo Prawns cooked with fresh garlic and
chillies. Served on a bed of prawn fried rice with tomato
chutney. [spicy]

Nihari €15.20

A deliciously smooth curry of lamb or beef cooked for 5
hours in a myriad of spices and a small amount of flour. A Karachi festive classic. [spicy]

Farah’s Chicken Karahi €15.20

A spicy homemade chicken-on-the-bone curry with fragrant spices & fresh ginger. My wife
Farah’s recipe. [spicy]

Palak Soya Methi €15.20

Tender chunks of lamb with sweet baby spinach, dill
and fenugreek gently fried in our house masala and a
touch of fresh cream. Topped with fresh coriander and
ginger. [medium-spicy]

Taza Tikka Masala €15.20

Marinated chicken breast cooked in the tandoor and
then simmered in a mildly spiced onion and creamy
cashew nut sauce. [mild]

Chicken Madras €15.20

Authentic chicken curry from South India. Breast of
chicken cooked with panch phoran, coconut milk and
lemon. Topped with fried curry leaves. [spicy]

Beef Bhuna €16

Pieces of lean beef cooked in a thick masala gravy with
stir-fried red and yellow peppers. Garnished with
spring onion and coriander. [medium-spicy]

Jhinga Masala €16.80

Jumbo Prawns cooked in a medium masala, tomato and
onion sauce. Comes with stir-fried peppers and
garnished with spring onion, coriander and ginger.

Jhinga Korma €16.80

Jumbo Prawns cooked in a mild sauce of cream, yoghurt
and almonds. Topped with almond flakes and spring
onion. [mild]

Vegetable Jalfrezi €12.80

A medium spicy tomato-based curry with seasonal
vegetables taking centre stage. Finished with roasted
cashew nuts, ginger julienne and fresh pomegranate.


Safron infused basmati rice prepared in stock and spicy
yoghurt. Slow cooked, layered and aromatic. Topped
with fried onions and fresh mint. [medium-spicy]

Choose your own Biryani of meat, prawns or vegetables

Lamb €15.20, Chicken €15.20, Beef €20, Veg €12.80, Prawns €17

Fish Curry €17

Authentic fish curry from South India. Haddock fillets cooked with panch phoran & coconut milk. Topped with fried curry leaves. [medium-spicy]

Taza Fries €4.80

Triple cooked chips with chat masala served with a
curry mayo.

Aloo Gobi €5.60

Potatoes and cauliflower with poppy seeds, cooked in
tomatoes, onions and spices. Finished with spring onion. [medium-spicy]

Taza Dal €5.60 / €11.20

Red and yellow lentils simmered with toasted cumin
seeds and fresh tomatoes. Finished with a touch of butter, crispy fried onions and coriander. [medium-spicy]

Mushroom Masala €5.60 / €11.20

Stir-fried mushrooms with garlic, ginger and garam
masala. Finished with cream and coriander. [medium-spicy]

Palak Paneer €5.60 / €11.20

Homemade cottage cheese simmered in creamy spinach
seasoned with garam masala and toasted cashew nuts.

Basmati Rice

Vegetable Fried Rice €4

Steamed White Rice €2

The fragrant classic.

Pilau Rice €3

Cooked in a fragrant broth with aromatic whole spices.


Naan €2

Classic and crispy bread cooked to order in the tandoor.

Garlic Butter Naan €3

Rubbed with garlic and butter.

Peshwari Naan €3

Filled with coconut flakes, almonds and dried fruits.

Keema Naan €3

Filled with lamb mince.

Fried Haddock and triple cooked chips €7.20

Malai Chicken and triple cooked chips €7.20

Chicken Tikka Masala and Basmati Rice €8

Chicken Korma and Basmati Rice €8

House Red Wine €15

House White Wine €15

Cobra Beer (330ml) €3

Hope Beer (330ml) €4

Soft Drinks (500ml)€2.50

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